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candy store rock.

you're lookin' good enough to eat.

Icons by randomvacancy
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Hallo, lieblings.
Welcome to the icon journal of randomvacancy. I make icons for a variety of fandoms and music, from Harry Potter to horror films, and Led Zeppelin to Arch Enemy.

· My resources and examples of previous work can be found here. Requests for affiliation can also be made to that post.
· The current affiliates are: fading_melody, justaddcolor, bff_icons, weapon_icons, defaultsettings, tangerineicons & bubblemilk

The One Rule is that you Do. Not. Hotlink. My icon space is very limited, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't overrun our bandwith. I also request that you comment and credit, but I'm not going to come after you with a big stick if you don't. They're only icons, after all.
Journal ayout by gossymer.
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